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  • Life Balance

    Life balance is the ability to have a life that runs smoothly, that is based on our most important values, and that keeps us accountable to make sure we’re not “overdoing” or “neglecting” any of those values in our lives.

    Life balance is an antidote to depression and anxiety because it keeps our lives full of purpose and fulfillment while providing us a “map/guide” to our decision making.  When we know where we’re going and how to get there, we’re less likely to be pulled in different directions by other demands, people, and expectations.  We’re in the driver seat.

    Life balance makes it easier to set clear boundaries, prioritize, and grow in the areas that are most meaningful to us.

    How do you know your life is not balanced?

    • You feel like you’re failing in everything you do
    • You run around trying to make everyone happy and feel exhausted and unfulfilled
    • You feel lost (don’t remember who you are anymore)
    • You have moments when you make impulsive decisions because you’re tired of feeling like a failure, exhausted, and unfulfilled
    • You lose motivation and/or live in fear of the future
    • You don’t know what you want in life or what would make you happy
    • You don’t set healthy boundaries
    • You feel you don’t have control over your life
    • You feel overwhelmed
    • You don’t feel a purpose in life

    Tips on how to achieve more life balance:

    • CAR: What drives you?  Identify your values (what means the most to you?)
    • FROM: Where are you?  Identify what your level of satisfaction is in each of these values right now
    • TO: Where are you going? Identify a small, reachable objective to improve your level of satisfaction in each value
    • GO: Take off with the intention to arrive at your destination.  Commit to work on these objectives daily/weekly for a month
    • EVALUATE: Did you get to your destination?  If yes, celebrate!  If not, where did you make the wrong turn? Check in monthly to see how you’re doing, what needs revision, what were your obstacles, what rewards systems you can set in place if needed.


    Life balance is a commitment you make to yourself and a process that takes work.  It’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s extremely satisfying.  So, do not get discouraged if you find yourself out of balance once in a while.  Just get back on track! 

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